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Weekend Whimsies

Welcome to my first blog. This is completely new to me and as so, I'm out of my comfort zone once again. My life runs between the real world of my family and my 9-5 job, and the fantasy world to which I love to escape - my writing. Lately, my writing has been pulled in many different directions. I finished book six, Adrift, I've gotten my edits back for book five, Riven, and as Adrift completed the series, I've plunged head first into writing a spin-off to the series. There are days when I'm not a hundred percent certain which one I want to dig into most! With the upcoming release of Riven in October, however, my focus has shifted. This means a second review of the edits from my editor then, another read through to ensure it feels solid. Only then can I take the next step toward release. I find as a writer, that I get lost in the creation of the story, the characters, the world in which they exist, so much so that I forget that I've begun to share them with readers. There's a part of me that is content to simply sit and write, to forget the "business" part of publishing, and to do that one thing that brings me bliss: creating. The other part, however, knows that I took the step to share the world which I created and thus, must now continue to share it as people begin to immerse themselves in that world. Hence is the duality of a writer's life I suppose. As for my first blog, it's been fun to spill a bit of the craziness that regularly fills my brain and I look forward to sharing more.

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