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Weekend Whimsies

Last weekend got away from me and I forgot to post. As I reflected back on why time vanished so quickly, I realized I had worked non-stop all weekend. It got me thinking about "me time" and how little I give myself. I, like many women, have a tendency to put the needs of others ahead of myself, whether it be family or business. I take days off only to have the time eaten away with doctor's appointments for my kids. I have the weekends off only to dedicate them entirely to my publishing business and household/kid needs. I never set time for myself - there's a sense of guilt associated with doing that.

This weekend I decided enough was enough. It was time to take back some "me time". Life would still go on, my children would survive as would my husband, my social media pages wouldn't disintegrate if I weren't engaged, and the work for my publishing business would still be there in the morning.

So today I gave myself the day to do what I wanted: I slept in, I spent time on my own writing - something that makes me extremely happy, and I spent hours curled up with a good book. And you know what? Nothing catastrophic happened! My kids were fine, my husband was fine, everything remained as it normally does on any other day. I, however, felt relaxed, my spirit uplifted and renewed.

It was an experiment that proved we all need a little tlc, a little "me time" away from the demands that life feeds us. It's good for our sanity, for our heart, and for our spirit. The world will still continue if we step away for a few minutes. I look forward to claiming every Sunday as my day for "me time" and sticking to that strategy from now on.

Until next time...

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