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Weekend Whimsies

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Today was move in day at college for my oldest daughter. It’s hard to believe she’s a college freshman already! On the drive home, as I fought back my tears, I thought about what a huge adjustment it will be for us.

She’ll be adjusting to the freedom of living away from us, managing the stresses that come with being responsible, juggling courses and a whole new social life. My husband and I will be adjusting to the empty space that she’ll leave for the time she’s gone and the realization that this is the first step on her path to adulthood.

It’s bittersweet that it comes as I bring the Unbound Prophecy series to an end. Although the characters were created when I was a teenager, the story didn’t really develop until my daughter was born. I remember driving around to help her fall asleep, creating the scenes that would later become Ascension. As she grew, so did the story. When she and her little sister would play on the playground, I would sit and write what had been developing during her infancy. In that time span, the words would fill the pages, and as she aged so did the story, morphing into a second, third, fourth, fifth, and now sixth book. As she leaves for college, so my characters complete their own journey; both my daughter and my characters ready to take flight and spread their wings, the next part of their journey ahead of them. Who knows what the future will hold for them, but one thing is certain, they will always be a part of me.

Until next time…

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