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Welcome to my page! I am a fantasy romance writer who loves escaping to other worlds and sharing them with readers.

I create worlds that fall within the same universe and are heavy with romance.

I am also a mother of three, an avid reader, and a runner. All things that keep me busy and inspire my creativity.
Thanks for joining me on my journey!


So many exciting things are happening!

The Coveted Hues of Skye, book two in the Hues series is now out in the world! I'll have book three up for preorder soon. I'm finishing final edits on book four and book five. And I expect to have all five out by the end of the summer!

My newest series, Wicked & Fated, is here! This was originally a series of standalone but each story needed a follow up so now it is a set of three separate duologies. All involve wicked characters and fated love.

The first book, Trial of the Gods has just released. I have the next three books written and edits are in process. 

The Unbound Prophecy series has received a make-over. The interior has been redesigned with chapter images and an updated map. It's available now!

My Etsy shop has been delayed but I'm still working on it. Signed copies of the books will be available there as well as special hardback copies of the Unbound Prophecy series.

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